Colette Guadagnino, V-711

generations: Karin (3.) and Colette (1.)  in Austria
"I was surprised that it could blow that hard on a lake!"

She is only 19. And her star is rising. In Austria she just won her first PWA-worldcup, the Denzel Freestyle Grand Prix on Lake Neusiedler:

Colette Guadagnino from Venezuela.

Colette spinloopin'

Colette, this is your fist time here at the Austrian Freestyle worldcup. Did you expect it to be like this?

I only sailed on a lake once in my life before. I was so happy that it was so sunny and warm. The competition was great. I was on my small boards and sails, because it was just really, really windy. I was stoked and surprised that it could blow that hard. I was expecting to be on the 6.2. I was really happy that it blew that hard and in the night... (the storm reached 9 Beaufort): huuuuuuu!

You won all 3 freestyle-eliminations here. Surprised?

I donīt know if I expected it to be like that. I didnīt sail with the other competitors recently, so I didnīt know what was the level rigth now. I trained really, really hard before I came here. I wasnīt too surprised, but of course Iīm very exited and happy. This is the first PWA event that I won. Iīm so happy and really stoked!

Now it is not too unlikely that you can win the freestyle title this year?

Yes I hope so. That would be a wonderful thing!

Which role can freestyle windsurfing play in the future of our sport?

Freestyle is the best thing that happened to the sport. Itīs the best thing for the spectators. With freestyle you could get lots of new people into the sport. The kids can say "wow, it's happening in my hometown! They can do it here and I can do it here, too!" It will inspire them to learn. I think freestyle makes the sport grow a lot. One day hopefully it could even be in the Olympics!

The unreal thing is you are only nineteen. What do you tell kids, how to be that good in such a short time?

Just practice a lot. I was always very motivated, always asking questions. So be patient and never give up. And just have fun out there!

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