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Epic conditions on Lake Neusiedl
The top-3 windgirls in Austria
Iballa: Denzel-party in Vienna
Denzel PWA Freestyle Grand Prix
Lake Neusiedl, Austria
22nd April - 2nd May 2000

It was their first time. The first freestyle competition for the girls on a lake ever. Lake Neusiedl, Austria, the site of the first PWA freestyle worldcup in 1998 (only men then), also welcomed the women's fleet this year for the Denzel freestyle worldcup.

Some of them were not well informed and brought only their warm Sylt-clothes with them. But the shores of Podersdorf welcomed them with warm and sunny weather. Unfortunatly 3 girls were not able to compete, due to injuries: Daida and Iballa Ruano Moreno and Uli Hoelzl, Austrias most experienced sailor. But all three joined nevertheless and enjoyed the legendery party-action of this event.

On the second day of the event the northwest began to blow, which provided perfect sunny, onshore conditions for the 5.0 and spectacular action so close to the beach, that some of the sailors hit the crowds (40.000 spectators the whole week!) and the photographers on the beach!

The action was insane and the moves included loops, volcans, willy skippers and all the transitions and tricks. In this first elimination Colette Guadagnino from Venezuela took the honors with spectacular heats, with freestyle-champ Karin Jaggi in second and Tony Frey in third place. Local talent Tanja Emig took 4th place in her first competition ever.

After the heats all sailors enjoyed the epic conditions just for fun until the sun went down. After Pozo-like storms in the night the next day once again offered perfect conditions. The second round was completed and a third one begun. After 2 days of partying and relaxing the 3 elimination, too, was finished.

But the results were similar to the first elimination: Newcomer Colette Guadagnino won all 3 eliminations, with only the 3rd one being really close, when most spectators thought that Karin Jaggi performed best this time. After 3 eliminations, which was a sensational success for a competition on a lake, the winner was a new name among the PWA-pros on top: Colette's star – she's only 19 years old – began to rise on the shores of Podersdorf. (Interview with Colette)

The men had come back to Lake Neusiedl for the third time already and enjoyed the friendly party-atmosphere and the epic conditions, especially in the first 2 rounds. Hot shot Web Pedrick showed incredible heats including insane, planning spock 540's and managed to beat freestyle champ Josh Stone, '98's winner Matt Pritchard and Austrian top-freestyler Ossi Krupitz.

The event will be remembered for back loops and table tops, but also sexy parties and dancing. For spocks in shallow water and big crowds lined up on the beach. And for the windgirls enjoying themselves. More photos coming next issue...


Results DENZEL Windsurf Worldcup:

1 Colette Guadagnino V-711 0,7 0,7 0,7
2 Tony Frey GR-1 3,0 2,0 2,0
3 Karin Jaggi Z-14 2,0 3,0 3,0
4 Tanja Emig AUT-0 4,0 4,0 4,0
5 Babsy Strasser G-1 5,5 5,5 5,5
6 Cornelia Van der Schilden H-95 7,5 5,5 5,5
7 Julia Deutsch AUT-541 5,5 7,5 7,5
8 Ann Kathrin Stevens G-200 7,5 7,5 7,5
9 Claudia Rankel AUT-33 10,5 10,5 10,5


and finally: voices and pics...

"I am impressed!"
(Daida Ruano Moreno)

"It was one of the best events we ever had, perfect sunny weather, summer temperatures already in spring, and we still had the low pressures with wind. So for the sport, the public, for everything together it was just perfect." (Karin Jaggi)

"It's been a successful competition, a bit like Sylt with a lot of people watching the competition, it's incredible. A lot of people from Vienna come to watch the contest and the competition was just next to the beach, so close, like the indoors!" (Tony Frey) Tony

"The lake was on fire!" (Josh Stone)

"This event was the mother of all worldcups. It will be almost impossible to top it in the future."
(Beat Steffan, Tarifa)
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text and photos: Andy Aichinger; windgirls 2000