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Sabrina "killed" her mast... Tarifa Sabrina met her stars by chance: Daida and Iballa
Sweet Sixteen

"Champions are made, not born." 16 year old Sabrina Korsinek will have to focus on that. But she's already on the right way. With the help from her parents the young German managed to spend 3 moths at the "Maui Ocean Academy" in order to have enough time for windsurfing. Only a few days after her arrival in Maui in November Sabrina took another two "milestones" in the life of a windgirl with professional ambitions: she broke her first mast in the surf – and met her role models Daida and Iballa during a shopping trip...

Here is our sportive youngster in her own words:

"I started windsurfing 2000 in Turkey and I knew that I wanted to make it professionally from March 2002 on. I think this was the very moment that changed my mind. In my opinion this moment opened my mind for something… really great! I was able to learn so much, more then just a tack on a board for beginners. I praticed a whole summer before I went to Maui at the end of october. Windsurfing is such a great experience for everybody and especially girls should go sailing. Next year I will take part in the German Windsurfing Cup. I am going to do freestyle and racing."


date of birth: 30-03-1986

nationality: German

profession: highschool student

sponsors: Duesseldorfer Consult GmbH

when and where did you learn the sport: Side, Turkey, april 2002
best results so far: 1st place freestyle German Windsurfing Cup, Norderney 2002

favorite discipline: wave-freestyle

favorite move: jumps, heli tacks

favorite windsurfing spot: at home in Dranske (German island of Ruegen) or Maui

best music: Lenny Kravitz, Far Too Jones

last book you have read: Bridget Jones Diary

best film: Moulin Rouge

best food: pizza salami

best drink: Kiba

Who are your models in windsurfing? the Ruano Moreno twins

What causes you fear? deadlock

What makes you laugh? my friend and often myself and the way I act

Windsurfing – better than sex? It lasts more than just a moment...

With whom would you like to spend an evening? with many people, for example Shane West
Is the sport of windsurfing a macho-sport?
You know – like in every other sport there are some really lovely guys and some machos...
What do you think about the PWA-tour? great to see where you are
What do you like about the "windgirls"-mag? Finally a magazine for women only! :-)
Three tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1) Always keep in mind that champions are made, not born!
2) Have fun (!), let nobody try to control you.
3) Just go for it!!!!


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