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Tanja Emig is a passionate freestyler. She is Austrian and can teach you how to ski. She loves her dog Niña. She's the end of male prejudices and doesn't care too much about the rules. Her attitude is REALLY radical...

date of birth: 15. 5. 1974

nationality: Austrian

sponsors: rrd, challengersails, camaro, pat-love

profession: windsurfing/skiing instructor, job in Seatex sail loft

windsurfing since: 1994, I learned it on Lake Garda, Italy

best results so far: 4th place PWA freestyle Grand Prix Lake Neusiedl, Austria

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photo: Andy Aichinger

favorite discipline: freestyle

favorite move: push tack, backwind jibe

favorite windsurfing spot: at 6am in Malcesine, Lake Garda; every place with wind and few people

best music: all my tapes...

last book you have read: I don't remember...

best film: I don't compare movies

best food: food from my grandma

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best drink: beer (lots of!), vodka lemon (the day after is fucking shit, so beer is better)

who are your models in windsurfing: all the guys I am windsurfing with
what causes you fear: Tanja alone at home

what makes you laugh: almost anything

with whom would you like to spend an evening:
with my grandpa who died much too early

what do I like about the windgirls mag:
It's a great idea to push the girls! After all there are not only men who windsurf!

3 tips for beginners:
first of all use the right gear (lightweight rigs)
keep your boyfriend away and tell him to keep comments to himself.
be patient, not everything works at once.

email: tanjaemig@hotmail.com


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 photos: Ronny Kiaulehn, Andy Aichinger; © windgirls 2001