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Tiffany Ward: All American (Wind)Girl

"It has been a goal of mine to bring together the women of our sport and other sports so we can work together to achieve our goals as well as dreams."

"Tiffany Ward has established herself as a real pro windsurfer at an amazing pace, due to her endless determination and hard work. Intensive physical and mental training in combination with a natural talent has brought Tiffany to where she is within the record time of only two years. Today she is living Maui in and out of the windsurfing community. Her down to earth, optimistic, energetic go for it attitude has helped her attract several industry sponsors that she is working closely with on promotions and development. Tiffany has made her dreams a reality."
Starboard Staff

From "Tiffanys Tracks" at

"For a graduation present from culinary school my parents gave me a trip to Maui, Hawaii. On October 3rd 2001 I arrived in Kahului airport and sailed on my first real wave. I was instantly and truly addicted to Maui’s lifestyle and unreal conditions. The second time sailing Hookipa my fin ripped a 5inch long and 3-1/2 inch deep gash in my left thigh requiring over 55 stitches. Ouch. This serves as my sacrificial offering to the island Gods and a permanent memento of Mother Nature’s power. ... I sailed every day I could in Maui and began training with the legendary Jennifer Henderson. My mentor and friend. ... I would like to encourage anyone dreaming of becoming a professional windsurfer to do it.

Windsurfing takes me around the world, to meet good friends, explore exciting new places and the endless challenges on the water. It is inspiring, educational and most of all,- FUN. During my first stay in Maui I was fortunate to meet Daida and Iballa Moreno. They were the ones who first introduced me to the world of windsurfing and encouraged me to join the PWA Tour.

Packing for pleasure

My favorite was what I like to call “packing for pleasure!” First you need a nice big split Dakine bag, stuffed with 10 pairs of jeans, a stack of shirts, four pairs of shoes and belts. A G-string for every day of the week of course, 1 labtop, 2 pornos, 2 pocket rocket (one back up), an iPod and a sick digital camera…. Oh and one nice healthy “man bitch” to lug your equipment around from country to country! Just kidding a “man helper!”

Silvia and I were at the head of the dance floor getting freaky-dickey, I even saw Karin “shaking that ass.” ... Even Karin and I hung out and little bit, mostly after a couple beers, other wise I think I’m a bit too much for her!

Besides pursuing a professional windsurfing career, I am in partnership with Silas Thompson in Infinity Production. A filming and Photography Company, established in 2002, based in Maui/Oregon."

Tiffany Ward about "a long, bumpy road" - learning the forward loop!

You can find Tiffany on various dvds as well as in this Gaastra rigging video (large file - 20MB!!)

date of birth: 12-11-1979
nationality: USA
profession: windsurfer, certified gourmet chef (Degree at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco)
sponsors: Starboard, Da Kine, Gaastra, NoLimitz
When AND where did you learn how to windsurf?
The first time was when I was 3 in Midway, Utah on Deer Creek. I really learned to windsurf in the Gorge. My parents vacation every year in Hood River Oregon, where I took lessons at the Rhonda Smith school from the ages 6 through 10.
favorite move: the Original Dune

what do you train right now: waves, freestyle

favorite windsurfing spot: Hookipa
best music: 80s baby!
last book youve read: Thai Cuisine
best film: Kill Bill
best food: Lobster! Steamed with melted butter and lobster row!!!
best drink: Spirt Remix, latte
Who are your models in windsurfing? Jen Henderson, Morenos, Robby Naish

Tiffany baking the ultimate 'willy cake'

What causes you fear? Never beeing able to sail again.
What makes you laugh? Anything funny! Laughing is a daily routine.
With whom would you like to spend an evening?
A millionaire, so I could convince him to do a real pro tour, where girls get priority!!!
Windsurfing - better than sex? Why? Only if you have got something HARD to ride!!!
The famous 3 things to choose to take with you to a lonely island?
My rig of course and my man and a dog.
What do you like about the "windgirls"-mag? All the ladies!

Packing for pleasure: A G-string for every day of the week...

tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1. Never give up!
2. If you get frustrated or mad, take a break and remember to just have fun.
3. Never date someone, who is or calls himself a pro windsurfer, dirty ...
What does windsurfing mean to you?
"Its a way of life." Live it, love it!

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photos: S.Thompson/Infinity Prod., PWA/Carter windgirls 2005