Yoli Freites de Brendt

From Yoli with love

28 year old Yolanda del Valle Freites de Brendt from the little windsurf village of El Yaque, Isla Margarita, is a rising star in the world of freestyle windgirls. With role models like Ricardo Campello, Remko de Weerd and her husband Tom Brendt, all members of the El Yaque freestyle crew, Yolis progress is remarkable. Yoli has her own magic formula for moves like the "switch stance clew first airjibe": do it consistant, with dedication and  ... with love.

date of birth: 20-05-1976
nationality: Venezuelan
profession: windsurfer, bank employee
sponsors: Fanatic, North Sails
When AND where did you learn how to windsurf?
2002 in El Yaque, Isla Margarita, Venezuela
favorite move: switch stance clew first airjibe

what do you train right now: flaka, loop, puneta

favorite windsurfing spot: El Yaque

photo: Kerstin Reiger
best music: Mana
last book youve read: Lord of the rings
best film: Nemo, Shrek
best food: pasta and soup
best drink: water
Who are your models in windsurfing? Ricardo Campello, Remko de Weerd
What causes you fear? Being alone
What makes you laugh? Anything, that we live for.
With whom would you like to spend an evening?
With my mum, who I miss during my travels.
Windsurfing - better than sex? Why?
No its equal I would say, both I can practise for hours.
The famous 3 things to choose to take with you to a lonely island?
My husband, my equipment and my foto of the Virgen del Valle.
What do you like about the "windgirls"-mag?
Its really nice to get to know more about other girls doing the same like me on the water, addicted to the same sport and feeling.
tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1. Do it consistant.
2. Do it with love.
3. Do it with dedication.
What does windsurfing mean to you?
When Im sailing I feel like a dolphin playing in the water.

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photos: Kerstin Reiger, Tom Brendt windgirls 2004