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Colette Guadagnino from Venezuela won her first world cup event on a lake, the Freestyle Grand Prix at Lake Neusiedel in 2000. In 2001 the radical sailor took her first world championship – in the freestyle discipline.

date of birth: 16/05/1980

nationality: American (Venezuelan resident)

sponsors:  Neil Pryde, Tectonics Maui

windsurfing since (where did you learn it?):  I've been windsurfing since I was 11. I learned it in El Yaque on the island of Margarita, Venezuela (It's a great place for learning!)

best results so far:  1st place South American Championships 3 years in row (racing), 1st place carribean racing tour, 2nd place Molcureia and Jalama wave contest (wave)

1st place PWA Freestyle Grand Prix Lake Neusiedler, Austria

favorite discipline: freestyle

favorite move: spock (although I'am still learning it)

favorite windsurfing spot:  I have so many, I guess one of them is Maui. I seem to love any place I go!

best music:  I am very open when it comes to music. I guess it depends on my mood.

last book you have read: "The Alchimist"

best film: "What dreams may become" (with Robin Williams)

best food:  Pabellon (typical Venezuelan dish with black beans, meat, rice and fried bananas)

best drink: rootbeer

Who are your models in windsurfing?  Francisco Goya, Josh Stone and my brother Dionicio

What causes you fear? high rocks and cliffs

What makes you laugh? anything funny!

With whom would you like to spend an evening?  This is a cheesy question. Probably Ricky Martin!

Why is the sport of windsurfing so "machista"?  First of all because there are not enough women in the sport. Besides that it has to do with the organizers and promotors of the sport, not so much with the guys who compete.

Interview with Colette (may 2000)


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 photos: JP, Julia Deutsch, Hugo Richard; windgirls 1999-2001